Social media engagement has increased exponentially over the last decade. From sports and weather to shopping and restaurants, people discuss every aspect of their lives over social media in 2015. Though much of this data holds limited value to most businesses, some of it is absolutely vital. Insight into customer feedback, customer engagement, and the

Today’s generation is a growing demographic. Many of your current customers likely use social media on a daily basis, and that number will only grow. Social platforms have become an easy and highly effective tool to gain feedback. Online platforms have rapidly grown in popularity and function; so leverage them to generate your feedback. Yes,

Businesses are moths to the flame of social media glory. Companies are now drawn to the promise of social media, viral marketing, massive followings and inbound leads. Social media allows companies to be highly responsive and engaging with their customers.  But is it right for you? Consider the following benefits: Immediate satisfaction Personalized service High

Always Prepare for the Unexpected

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 by

Crisis. When people hear this word, they squirm. That doesn’t change the fact that crises arise and that they must be confronted. If not dealt with, a crisis can greatly hinder a company’s ability to foster brand loyalty, attract new clientele, and more. Some reasons to prepare for the unexpected: Crisis is most often unexpected

Employee Hotlines – An Indispensable Tool

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 by

Employee Hotlines are an essential tool for businesses to manage their employee concerns and any liability that may result from those concerns. Companies that implement an anonymous Employee Hotline can give their employees a chance to share any suspicious activity, claim or complaint without fear of retaliation. It’s a great way for managers to get

Crisis Management

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 by

Every company is susceptible to a crisis, but failing to prepare for one can dramatically exacerbate its effects. It is important to create a plan of action to combat any issues that may come up. Here are a few techniques that are bound to help in crisis management and prevention in the future: Build a

Understanding what works for your company’s customer recovery program can feel like a moving target at times. There are always new technologies and strategies available that claim to help improve your customer experience. A great customer recovery program can have a huge impact on a company’s client retention and customer satisfaction, which leads to better

Three Steps to Great Social Care

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 by

Social Care – customer service using social media – is not a customer service strategy for the future; it’s a strategy for the here and now. Not only should your organization have Social Care in place – you have to get it just right, too. These three steps should help you find your path to

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