by / Monday, 06 July 2015 / Published in Guest Recovery, ServiceCheck Solutions

Meet Janet, one of your most loyal customers. She’s been dining at your restaurant for over a decade, and thinks the service at the particular location she frequents is superb. She has told many of her friends how much she enjoys dining with you and offers her friends food recommendations.  Janet was on vacation and visited another location and unfortunately her order was incorrect and her service was slow. Janet was very disappointed.

Janet went to your website to find the phone number to call customer service and there was no number listed, but she could fill out a contact form, which she did but she really wanted to speak with someone. She called the location she frequents to get the customer service phone number. Finally after all of the time she spent looking for the number, she called customer service and got a voicemail. They were only open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm. It was Saturday afternoon so she was out of luck.

Now you have a very frustrated loyal customer who has two days to share her frustration with her friends and family until the issue could be addressed on Monday (if she took the time to call back)How could your company better handle this type of customer service issue? Do you have a 24/7 live-answer customer feedback solution in place? If your company needs assistance helping customers like Janet, call ServiceCheck at 800-278-7080, for a complimentary customer service hotline and customer feedback solution consultation.

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