Over the past year, whenever William encountered an inventory issue, he had to make a dozen calls and sort through the myriad of potential problems relating to a missed shipment, or worse, inventory theft. In some cases, the process took so long, the shipment didn’t arrive in time, and the client complaints came rolling in.

Fortunately for William, Wally’s Warehouse recently implemented a 24/7 Employee Hotline, to help expedite and resolve all types of problems such as inventory control, theft, harassment, fraud, and safety concerns. At the moment, William wasn’t sure what the issue was, so he called the hotline and was immediately in touch with a trained agent, even though his call came in at 10:30 PM.

From William’s perspective, he was placing a call to his company’s anonymous employee hotline. But in actuality, this line was staffed and monitored by the experts at ServiceCheck. ServiceCheck’s EmployeeLink solution features four interconnected phases: Reach, React, Retain & Report. This proprietary methodology helps ensure their customers can identify and react to problems, quickly close the loop to resolve issues, and then improve systems by using the actionable data provided by this customized solution.

Today, businesses need to provide immediate assistance to employees 24/7, 365 days a year. A properly staffed and managed employee hotline will help employees report problems and receive immediate assistance. A state of the art crisis management solution can alert multiple locations of issues, helping to deal with the specific event quickly and decisively, reducing long term costs and potential liability.

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