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Resolving Online Complaints With Customer Recovery and Social Media Feedback SolutionsCompanies dread complaints on social media. When they see a bad review on Facebook or Twitter their first instinct is to ignore the comment in the hopes it will go away. However, statistics have shown that if you respond promptly to a negative social media comment it can become a positive for your company.

Earn a Customer’s Respect

Companies often pay lip service to the idea of customer satisfaction being a number one priority. A negative comment on Facebook lets a company prove that you want your customers to be happy. When you handle a bad review from a customer the right way you earn the respect of that customer and brand followers.

Statistics show that when customers receive a response from a company they are:

  • 18% more likely to purchase products in the future
  • 18% more likely to become a loyal customer
  • 33% more likely to post a positive review detailing their customer service experience
  • 34% more likely to remove the original bad review

Handling Negative Comments the Right Way

In order to gain traction from a negative response there are some things your company needs to remember:

  • The customer always deserves your respect
  • The customer always believes they are right even if you disagree
  • It is important to correct inaccurate information
  • Provide the customer with the detailed process used to rectify the situation
  • Encourage the customer to contact you after the process is complete to ensure satisfaction
  • Encourage the customer to contact you after their next purchase to ensure satisfaction

Respect, accuracy and communication will help you prevent your customer from leaving for a competitor as well as gain new customers. The benefits from social media feedback, even from a negative customer experience make social an essential part of any business strategy.

ServiceCheck can help your company get the most of your social media feedback with SocialLink and other customer retention services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the most out of your customer service and feedback initiatives.

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