Customer experience and recovery practices are a crucial component of success in the retail and service industries. Yet many businesses fall short. Investing the time and energy to cultivate an atmosphere and a brand image that support your business goals can make the difference between struggling and thriving. Here are some popular blog posts to

Although every business wants to avoid it, at some point, your customers may be disappointed in you.If a customer expresses their discontent with r your company— it’s a good thing. No, really. You now have the opportunity to turn the situation around rather than having them leave your establishment without ever returning. There are a

ServiceCheck Inc., the leading provider of Guest Recovery and Feedback solutions for the Restaurant Industry, today announced it will exhibit its guest recovery and feedback solutions at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, March 22-25, 2015 in Phoeniz, AZ. The Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) is an invitation-only event where the most progressive and influential individuals in the

Businesses are moths to the flame of social media glory. Companies are now drawn to the promise of social media, viral marketing, massive followings and inbound leads. Social media allows companies to be highly responsive and engaging with their customers.  But is it right for you? Consider the following benefits: Immediate satisfaction Personalized service High

Always Prepare for the Unexpected

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Crisis. When people hear this word, they squirm. That doesn’t change the fact that crises arise and that they must be confronted. If not dealt with, a crisis can greatly hinder a company’s ability to foster brand loyalty, attract new clientele, and more. Some reasons to prepare for the unexpected: Crisis is most often unexpected

Most managers and executives see customer recovery as nothing more than the process of repairing the brand image. While brand reputation is important, this statement is misleading. Customer recovery should first and foremost be about the customer. If your organization is focused on creating a loyal customer base, and if you want your business to

Crisis Management

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Every company is susceptible to a crisis, but failing to prepare for one can dramatically exacerbate its effects. It is important to create a plan of action to combat any issues that may come up. Here are a few techniques that are bound to help in crisis management and prevention in the future: Build a

Understanding what works for your company’s customer recovery program can feel like a moving target at times. There are always new technologies and strategies available that claim to help improve your customer experience. A great customer recovery program can have a huge impact on a company’s client retention and customer satisfaction, which leads to better

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