These days, instead of complaining to a restaurant manager many customers voice their complaints online with sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and review guides. In some cases, they actually do this during their meal, taking a photo of an unhappy meal or experience and immediately sharing it with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of friends.

Restaurant Needs Guest Recovery Solution

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On a warm summer night in August, a couple selects an upscale restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. They chose this restaurant because it offered alfresco dining, and a pleasant patio venue. They dined here once before. They arrived around 6:30 reservation and were seated promptly. Ten minutes later, the waiter had yet to arrive at

An effective Customer Recovery and Feedback program, should do more than resolve individual customer issues, it should improve the total Customer Experience. One important aspect of an effective Customer Recovery and Feedback Program is to provide a dedicated customer help section on your website. To gain an in-depth understanding of who your customers really are and how

When you own a restaurant, complaints come with the territory. When a customer complains about a bad meal, poor service or undesirable table, your restaurant needs to have a system in place to appease the customer, to help ensure their return. Small Success Yield Large Gains Many industry studies show repeat customers for restaurants account

Today, the Internet offers businesses a powerful medium for identifying and solving customer service issues. It allows businesses to leverage new tools and methodologies for both customer feedback and response, allowing for almost immediate response to customer service issues. Mistakes are a critical part of every business service, even the best run operations can never

Top 10 Common Customer Service Errors

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Covering the basics is important for any customer service department and customer service hotline. How well is your customer service department handing these ten common errors? 1.   Lack of Empathy This call might be the 100th or 1,000th time your service representative has heard this issue, but it’s always important to empathize with the

At ServiceCheck we’ve developed a wealth of customer service resources for a wide variety of different business types, customer types, and service and recovery situations. Though businesses experience many different customer service challenges depending upon the product or service they offer (and other factors), there are a number of crucial and fundamental service and recovery

Janet is a long-time, frequent patron of a restaurant we’ll call The Pancake Table, a highly-rated breakfast and lunch establishment that has several locations in Chicago. Janet and her family dined at The Pancake Table last Sunday morning. Since it was Father’s Day, Janet picked up the bill. The next day, Janet reviewed her bank

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