Companies dread complaints on social media. When they see a bad review on Facebook or Twitter their first instinct is to ignore the comment in the hopes it will go away. However, statistics have shown that if you respond promptly to a negative social media comment it can become a positive for your company. Earn

Over the past year, whenever William encountered an inventory issue, he had to make a dozen calls and sort through the myriad of potential problems relating to a missed shipment, or worse, inventory theft. In some cases, the process took so long, the shipment didn’t arrive in time, and the client complaints came rolling in.

We are excited to announce that ServiceCheck will highlight its Guest Recovery and Insight solutions at the MUFSO (Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators) Conference, September 20th-22nd in Dallas, Texas. ServiceCheck is the recognized leader of Guest Recovery and Insight solutions that help restaurants retain dissatisfied customers and gather insights that lead to operational improvements. ServiceCheck has developed

An effective Customer Recovery and Feedback program, should do more than resolve individual customer issues, it should improve the total Customer Experience. One important aspect of an effective Customer Recovery and Feedback Program is to provide a dedicated customer help section on your website. To gain an in-depth understanding of who your customers really are and how

Today, the Internet offers businesses a powerful medium for identifying and solving customer service issues. It allows businesses to leverage new tools and methodologies for both customer feedback and response, allowing for almost immediate response to customer service issues. Mistakes are a critical part of every business service, even the best run operations can never

Top 10 Common Customer Service Errors

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Covering the basics is important for any customer service department and customer service hotline. How well is your customer service department handing these ten common errors? 1.   Lack of Empathy This call might be the 100th or 1,000th time your service representative has heard this issue, but it’s always important to empathize with the

Meet Janet, one of your most loyal customers. She’s been dining at your restaurant for over a decade, and thinks the service at the particular location she frequents is superb. She has told many of her friends how much she enjoys dining with you and offers her friends food recommendations.  Janet was on vacation and

How can an organization prepare for an event that is most often unanticipated? Is it productive to assume that such dire events will come to pass, regardless of how well things are going in the present? To what extent will resources we expend now precipitate undesirable events in the future? Preparation is the key to

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