The Truth about Social Care Statistics

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 by

Companies of all sizes are beginning to leverage social media to interact with their customers, which helps their customer recovery efforts. The following statistics about social care, as it relates to customer recovery, might surprise you. 33% of consumers say they prefer to use social care over contacting a company by phone. 47% of all

The What vs How of Customer Service

Tuesday, 13 January 2015 by

The initial cause of a customer service issue is less memorable to your clients than how you handle it. Mistakes happen; it’s how you rectify them that truly demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction. For example, let’s say you’re out for a nice dinner with your significant other and nothing is going well. The appetizers

Many businesses don’t fully appreciate how challenging it can be to satisfy their customers; it truly requires a multi-pronged approach to ensure that customers become and stay raving fans and brand advocates. The problem lies in the inability of many companies to see the simple, fundamental things that can easily make or break the customer

Customers find your products and services in a number of ways; this includes referrals, advertisements, organic search, and more. Though the means of acquiring new clients vary greatly, their reasons for purchasing from you do not. A recent study by The Society for New Community Research assessed why consumers make purchases. The top three reasons?

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