Over the past year, whenever William encountered an inventory issue, he had to make a dozen calls and sort through the myriad of potential problems relating to a missed shipment, or worse, inventory theft. In some cases, the process took so long, the shipment didn’t arrive in time, and the client complaints came rolling in.

Compelling ROI For Retail Employee Hotlines

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 by

Retailers are often reluctant to establish an anonymous employee hotline. The additional expense of staff, equipment and office space may seem a waste of money and resources. However, an employee hotline can help an organization save money, especially when considered in terms of employee retention. And with the cost effective outsourcing options available, employee hotline

It’s another early morning for Sam Simpson, sous chef at a popular seafood restaurant chain called Samantha’s Seafood Tavern. Sam works at the restaurant in Steamboat Springs. His days are long, and his task list seems endless. One of his most important tasks relates to quality control, ensuring all food shipments are logged, tracked and

How can an organization prepare for an event that is most often unanticipated? Is it productive to assume that such dire events will come to pass, regardless of how well things are going in the present? To what extent will resources we expend now precipitate undesirable events in the future? Preparation is the key to

Seven Steps to Crisis Management

Friday, 10 April 2015 by

Crises are problematic for any employee in an organization. But they are especially problematic for management, mostly when they lack the correct procedures to contain and resolve such an event.  Truthfully, a crisis is something nearly all businesses face at some point in time. The key is to have best practices in place to stay

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