by / Monday, 10 November 2014 / Published in Guest Recovery, ServiceCheck Solutions

Most businesses today believe that they have an effective program in place to recover at-risk customers; most businesses are wrong. Just because a customer recovery program is in place does not mean that it’s effective. Over 80% of businesses believe they address customer concerns effectively, yet only 8% of consumers agree. This is a massive disparity that clearly identifies the challenges faced in the customer recovery sector today.

How will you know which practices are most effective for your market segment? For your organization? Are you providing your customers outlets to provide feedback consistent with today’s ever-changing environment? Are you resolving the issues effectively and in a timely manner? Do you compile the information to provide actionable items to improve your operations? All of this is critical if your business wishes to avoid losing a large and consistent number of dissatisfied clientele. Crush your competition by dramatically improving customer recovery and retention – ask us how.

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