by / Tuesday, 25 November 2014 / Published in Quality Assurance Hotline, ServiceCheck Solutions

Though it may seem counterintuitive, hearing customer complaints is actually a good thing. It indicates that your customer feedback system is working, and gives you the opportunity to save the customer and correct systemic issues within your business. This can dramatically improve customer recovery, retention and overall satisfaction.

Statistics show if you resolve a complaint in the customer’s favor, they will do business with you again 70% of the time; additionally, up to 95% of customers will give you a second chance if you handle their complaint successfully in a timely manner. Many companies that survived the dramatic recession of the last 7 years have succeeded in this area – likely not a coincidence.

One of the best tools that many businesses still fail to leverage is a holistic customer recovery and feedback program.  This is a cornerstone to great customer service, enhancing customer recovery and improving overall customer satisfaction.  Click here to learn more.

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