by / Wednesday, 03 December 2014 / Published in Quality Assurance Hotline, ServiceCheck Solutions

All complainers are not created equal.  As hard as it is to believe, there are actually five levels of complainers you will have to deal with, and understanding them will significantly reduce the challenges you and your company face in the long term.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the five levels:

  1. The Timid.  These people hardly complain if ever, but there are those few times where they aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. These people will require additional digging to find out what is bothering them. .
  2. In Your Face.  These customers tend to be the most aggressive – they aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. Never fight fire with fire when dealing with these people; best to reassure them that you genuinely intend to resolve their issue.
  3. Big Time Players.  These are your best customers and they typically frequent your business, spend more and have a significantly higher lifetime value. Don’t be afraid to roll out the red carpet for these customers, as they will ultimately promote growth in your company.
  4. The Constant Complainer.  They will contact you a lot and can be hard to win over, but don’t let that deter you. Once you win these customers over you’ll have lifelong champions for your company.
  5. Always Ripped Off.  Chances are they may never be happy and are just looking for things they don’t deserve. Best to just stay calm and respond as objectively as possible.

Understanding these five levels will enhance your customer recovery and retention. Having an experienced partner in this area that is familiar with all five levels will help even more. Click here to learn more.

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