by / Tuesday, 06 January 2015 / Published in Customer Service Program, Guest Recovery, ServiceCheck Solutions

Social Care – customer service using social media – is not a customer service strategy for the future; it’s a strategy for the here and now. Not only should your organization have Social Care in place – you have to get it just right, too. These three steps should help you find your path to putting together a great social care program.

  1. Start listening: Set up and tune your social listening dashboard to capture the conversations your team needs to know about. Drill into your historical data to get specific about the feelings, actions, and topics that drive the conversation, and whether there are any seasonal trends you’ll need to take into account.
  2. Get smart: Take stock of the kinds of questions, complaints, and issues that are popping up for products and services like yours by analyzing your category or industry. What do customers seem to love? What do they hate? Do customers have complaints about a competitor that create opportunities to differentiate your brand?
  3. Watch the speed: Though customers want a quick response, don’t sacrifice good customer service in exchange for getting back to someone quickly. In fact, responding too quickly or impersonally may do more harm than good.

Leveraging online tools like social media helps us interact with our customers at all times, which in turn improves overall customer service. Understanding what your clients are saying, and where they are saying it, is very important. Click here to learn about a social media feedback program that can help manage your social media branding efforts.

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