by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in Customer Service Program, Guest Recovery, ServiceCheck Solutions

Understanding what works for your company’s customer recovery program can feel like a moving target at times. There are always new technologies and strategies available that claim to help improve your customer experience.

A great customer recovery program can have a huge impact on a company’s client retention and customer satisfaction, which leads to better long-term profits. Here are a few strategies many overlook that can be helpful:

  • Always ask for feedback with easy to answer questionnaires.
  • Post your users’ feedback on your website, your social sites or any other email marketing or newsletter services you use.
  • Be proactive during customer support and listen carefully to their comments

By implementing just a few of these strategies you will see significant results, and corresponding dividends, for your company.  To learn more about a number of tools that are available to help you better manage your customer recovery program click here.

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