Every company is susceptible to a crisis, but failing to prepare for one can dramatically exacerbate its effects. It is important to create a plan of action to combat any issues that may come up. Here are a few techniques that are bound to help in crisis management and prevention in the future:

  • Build a crisis management team
  • Know your team and their individual strengths and where they can optimally serve
  • Engage the team in crisis training and how to deal with a situation using discretion when needed
  • Develop a technique to accept statements and complaints that are issued
  • Encourage your employees to be open and empower them
  • Learn to adapt if needed. At times policies and plans may not be the appropriate action in a given crisis/event. The team should adapt to the situation and figure out how to resolve it.
  • Devise a post-crisis evaluation system to assess the situation and people involved and see what was learned from the issue. Check what was correctly done and vice versa.

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