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When people hear this word, they squirm. That doesn’t change the fact that crises arise and that they must be confronted. If not dealt with, a crisis can greatly hinder a company’s ability to foster brand loyalty, attract new clientele, and more. Some reasons to prepare for the unexpected:

  • Crisis is most often unexpected
  • A crisis can damage the brand image, sometimes irreparably
  • Word of mouth moves fast, particularly with social media

So what are the fundamental rules when it comes to a crisis?

  1. Never ignore a crisis – it won’t go away on its own
  2. Be true to your mission statement – no one admires pandering
  3. Take a hands-on approach – don’t assume others will get it done
  4. Always be honest – easier to fix a mistake than a lie
  5. Create a follow up – evaluate implemented plans for efficiency

Successful crisis management is possible, but only if an organization is prepared for it. An important part of running a business is keeping the internal customers happy. It may seem daunting to deal with a crisis, but with plans in place, an organization can survive nearly anything.

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