by / Thursday, 23 April 2015 / Published in Employee Hotline

Do your employees trust your internal complaint platform? Will they report their compliance concerns internally, or will they feel a need to reach out to regulatory agencies, social platforms, or an attorney?

Social media provides employees with leverage that can be even more problematic for the company than publicity in times past. Innocent blog posts can result in a lawsuit. A quick post online can do significant damage to the reputation of your organization and negatively impact employee morale.

Businesses need to have a robust employee hotline that not only allows concerns to be heard anonymously in an unthreatening, productive environment, but is also available to employees 24/7/365. The key to getting your employees to voice their concerns internally is promoting trust and confidence between employees at all levels and with all resources in your organization.

Outsourcing your company’s Employee Hotline can prove beneficial for everyone involved. It can engender employee trust while minimizing setup costs and risk of corruption. Ultimately, these efforts can greatly increase the probability that an employee will convey their compliance issues/concerns to the company, rather than cite it on social media, with the government, or with an attorney.

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