by / Wednesday, 03 June 2015 / Published in Customer Experience, Guest Recovery

Customer dissatisfaction may seem like a purely negative situation on the surface, but in reality, these customers can often turn into your greatest supporters if handled effectively. A good example of a loss-leader, your customer recovery team must not be afraid to go above and beyond to enthusiastically satisfy customers who have previously been disappointed by your brand. Simply taking the time to have a live person listen to their issues and empathize can satisfy and recover your customer; customers appreciate being heard – they appreciate being valued. And because this level of customer service is still so uncommon, it distinguishes your brand in a way that is otherwise unobtainable.

Beyond the chance to surprise and delight the customer lies another important opportunity – knowledge. There is much information to be gained in the experiences of unsatisfied customers. You can learn about ways in which your brand fails to meet your expectations or how,  your brand may not meet the expectations of your customers – granting you perspective and insight into your market segment.

The next time a customer seems displeased with your product or service, treat it as a golden opportunity – it may just prove worth its weight in gold. To learn more about customer recovery strategies, click here.

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