by / Tuesday, 26 May 2015 / Published in Crisis Management, ServiceCheck Solutions

How can an organization prepare for an event that is most often unanticipated? Is it productive to assume that such dire events will come to pass, regardless of how well things are going in the present? To what extent will resources we expend now precipitate undesirable events in the future?

Preparation is the key to averting some crises altogether, and reducing the severity of those that do occur.  Understanding which components of your business model present the greatest potential for systemic failure enables you to implement fail-safes – backup procedures and resources to ensure employee and customer safety, security, as well as business continuity.

Whether your organization depends upon human resources, machine productivity, server up-time, or supply and distribution capacity, the same principles hold firm – specific elements of your business model are fundamental. Without them, your business ceases to function. And some are more vulnerable than others. But understanding these vulnerabilities, and expending a rational allocation of resources to protect them, will empower businesses to protect themselves and consumers. Click here for more information on crisis management solutions.

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