by / Tuesday, 19 May 2015 / Published in Customer Service Program, Guest Recovery, ServiceCheck Solutions

Social media engagement has increased exponentially over the last decade. From sports and weather to shopping and restaurants, people discuss every aspect of their lives over social media in 2015. Though much of this data holds limited value to most businesses, some of it is absolutely vital. Insight into customer feedback, customer engagement, and the customer experience all lie within your grasp.

But are you listening? Is your business monitoring the conversations relevant to your organization and your market segment? If not, you’re missing opportunities. If you are listening, what are doing about it? Feedback can prove invaluable in refining the customer experience for your business, but there’s more.

Are you engaging with your customers via social media? Feedback is a great place to start, but much can be accomplished with a little time and small gestures via social media. If someone had a bad experience in your establishment, apologize and show them your brand cares about their experience.  Now you have a great chance of making them a brand advocate, perhaps even more than they were before they had a bad experience.  While sometimes these opportunities present themselves in person, more and more they have migrated to the internet. Listening and engaging your customers showcases your organization as one that is both savvy and invested in customer satisfaction. Learn more about Social Media solutions here.

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