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Employee Hotline Solutions, Crisis Management HotlinesIt’s another early morning for Sam Simpson, sous chef at a popular seafood restaurant chain called Samantha’s Seafood Tavern. Sam works at the restaurant in Steamboat Springs. His days are long, and his task list seems endless. One of his most important tasks relates to quality control, ensuring all food shipments are logged, tracked and inspected. Most of the time his food shipments are very good, but on occasion, even though they strive to provide top quality food, a shipment is late, wrong, or even worse, spoiled. The former can cause repercussions for the next day’s menu, while the latter, if unnoticed, can literally shut down their restaurant.

This morning Sam identified a shipment of spoiled shrimp. This would wreak havoc on the dinner menu unless the shrimp could be immediately replaced. Sam needed to call the vendor, alert the other six restaurants in the chain, log the issue, notify the accounting department and email the restaurant manager. Time was of the essence, and he was thinking how helpful it would be, if he could simply call one person or centralized number to help him resolve this issue.

Restaurant chains, both small and large, should staff a 24/7 quality assurance helpline, to optimize service and response time. Unfortunately many restaurants lack the systems and staff to do so. It’s crucial for businesses to provide immediate assistance to employees 24/7, 365 days a year. Properly staffed and managed quality assurance hotlines help employees report problems and receive immediate assistance with shipping and receiving problems, break downs or any other back-of-house issue. A state of the art crisis management solution can alert all locations of issues, helping to deal with the specific event quickly and decisively, reducing long term costs and potential liability.

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