Online Help ImageAn effective Customer Recovery and Feedback program, should do more than resolve individual customer issues, it should improve the total Customer Experience. One important aspect of an effective Customer Recovery and Feedback Program is to provide a dedicated customer help section on your website. To gain an in-depth understanding of who your customers really are and how you can best serve them, you should integrate the feedback from this section into a centralized and actionable database.

Customer feedback from each and every incident report should aggregated from your website responses, allowing your customer service team to react quickly and professionally to optimize customer recovery. Having a customer help section readily available on your website empowers dissatisfied customers to provide feedback and can help both you and them better communicate throughout the customer recovery process. Here’s why:

  1. It shows your involvement with solving the problem. This helps you to become more proactive in repairing the relationship
  2. It allows you to create a conciliatory and cooperative tone.
  3. It sets the tone for your willingness to take immediate action to solve the problem.
  4. It opens an effective channel of communication that the customer controls while also avoiding a telephone call center interaction.
  5. It provides a built-in documentation trail for both you and the customer.
  6. It enables a reliable channel to follow up with the customer, and improves data visibility for your customer recovery program.

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