Omnichannel Customer ExperienceMany people have written articles about customer service and the customer experience, but today companies must move their focus to an omnichannel customer service strategy. Companies have to make sure that they create a unified customer experience across all channels including web, mobile, digital, phone, email and social media

Customers Demand Good Service

Companies need to offer consistently good customer service, across all channels, to meet customer demands. Customers expect quality service every time they contact a company, regardless of venue, and leave for a competitor if they don’t received it.

Customers Want Omnichannel

Customers want to be able to contact companies on the same channels they use every day. The top four customer service channels are currently telephone, live chat, email and online support. But social media, mobile app and online communities are gaining ground every day.

First Call Resolution Paramount

When customers call for support, they want the situation handled on the first call. When customers are passed to multiple representatives or have to call more than once for the same problem they get frustrated and may leave the company.

Seamless Channel Travel Required

Customers believe that if they contact a company on social media and then later on live chat, customer service should have all the information at hand. This is an important concept with respect to omnichannel customer service.

Don’t Make Them Repeat

When a customer contacts customer service more than once, the department should have all the information from previous calls instantly available. People get frustrated when they have to explain their situation to more than one representative. If a customer complains on Twitter, they don’t want to repeat this issue on a live chat.

Consistency Across Channels

Companies need to keep customer service consistent across every channel they offer. This reassures the customer they are receiving high quality service. When creating an omnichannel customer service solution, make sure you have the staff, technology, and resources to offer quality service every time.

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