Resolving Online Complaints With Customer Recovery and Social Media Feedback SolutionsThese days, instead of complaining to a restaurant manager many customers voice their complaints online with sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and review guides. In some cases, they actually do this during their meal, taking a photo of an unhappy meal or experience and immediately sharing it with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of friends.

Restaurant owners and managers need to gain an in-depth understanding of who their customers really are and how they can best serve them by integrating and centralizing actionable Internet data as well as “sentiment” trending for your restaurant brand. ServiceCheck’s SocialLink social media feedback solution incorporates four important interconnected phases. The first phase involves the retrieval of all this information from the many places it can reside on the Internet. The second phase pertains to the review of this information, and then classifying the feedback according to pre-determined business rules. The third phase applies to how service teams should engage and respond to these complaints. And the final phase is the report phase, providing actionable information for continuous improvement initiatives.

Once a restaurant has SocialLink in place, their customer service team will be able to respond promptly, apologize for the bad experience, and invite the customers to return. To improve the likelihood of customer recovery, restaurants should create consistent policies, such as offering a discount or free menu item to entice customers to return. During this interaction, it’s important to tell the returning customer to alert the manager upon their arrival, to help ensure they receive “special consideration” for their visit. A watchful eye from the manager can help increase the likelihood of customer recovery.

A critical best practice when it comes to social media, is to then hen ask the returning customers to post a second review, highlight their more positive experience. By responding to their issue online, and ensuring the customer has a positive experience upon their return, will help compel the customer to post a positive second review. The cost of the discount, or a free menu item will be compensated by the positive marketing efforts and the continued customer recovery when using this process and the SocialLink solution. Contact ServiceCheck for more information on social media feedback and customer recovery.

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