ServiceCheck’s Customer Engagement solutions support your
customer engagement, recovery and retention goals.

Omni-channel customer support

Body: Beyond multi-channel, our omni-channel solutions provide a single, unified experience across all channels including phone, web, digital, social and more. Your customers can start in one channel, and finish in another using our fully integrated customer engagement solutions.

Resolve Issues Faster

Customers rank speed of resolution as one of the most important aspects of customer service. Providing you with the right solutions to help your customers resolve issues faster is what ServiceCheck is all about.

Deliver 24/7 customer service

Today’s customers expect you to be there 24/7 to address their issues; closed at night? No customer service on weekends? You can kiss those customers goodbye. Whether they complain via social media, phone, web or other method ServiceCheck will help provide you with solutions that meet yours and your customer’s expectations 24/7.

Provide Brand Insights to improve the customer experience

There is nothing worse than hearing from a customer that they have repeatedly experienced the same issue with your company. ServiceCheck’s omni-channel solutions and analytics provide a holistic look at your brand’s performance at the corporate and local levels to help you resolve issues, improve the customer experience and enhance your relationship with your customers.

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