ServiceCheck’s Employee Engagement solutions provide a
listening post for your employees, allowing you to deepen
engagement, resolve issues and limit liability.

Provide an outlet for your employee to express concerns

More and more employees are reaching out to employee hotlines and issues are being substantiated at higher rates which means your need for an employee hotline is growing every day. Enhance your employee engagement with ServiceCheck’s Employee Hotline service; tailored to meet your goals.

Reduce your risk and liability

Employee litigation is expensive, and getting more expensive every day; the average settlement is $40,000; the average defense cost is $45,000 and the average award is over $200,000. ServiceCheck’s Employee Hotline solution will minimize your risk substantially, while providing needed documentation.

Deliver 24/7 customer service

In today’s 24/7 world, you don’t want to begin costly employee litigation just because you weren’t available. Not at these costs. ServiceCheck’s employee hotline solution is available 24/7/365 to ensure your liability is minimized.

Enhance Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

The Journal of Occupational Psychology states there is a greater causation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction than there is between sleeping pills and…well, sleep. ServiceCheck’s employee hotline solutions will not only decrease your risk, but also increase your customer satisfaction.

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