How can an organization prepare for an event that is most often unanticipated? Is it productive to assume that such dire events will come to pass, regardless of how well things are going in the present? To what extent will resources we expend now precipitate undesirable events in the future? Preparation is the key to

Trusting Your Employees Is Critical

Thursday, 23 April 2015 by

Do your employees trust your internal complaint platform? Will they report their compliance concerns internally, or will they feel a need to reach out to regulatory agencies, social platforms, or an attorney? Social media provides employees with leverage that can be even more problematic for the company than publicity in times past. Innocent blog posts

Seven Steps to Crisis Management

Friday, 10 April 2015 by

Crises are problematic for any employee in an organization. But they are especially problematic for management, mostly when they lack the correct procedures to contain and resolve such an event.  Truthfully, a crisis is something nearly all businesses face at some point in time. The key is to have best practices in place to stay

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