An effective Customer Recovery and Feedback program, should do more than resolve individual customer issues, it should improve the total Customer Experience. One important aspect of an effective Customer Recovery and Feedback Program is to provide a dedicated customer help section on your website. To gain an in-depth understanding of who your customers really are and how

When you own a restaurant, complaints come with the territory. When a customer complains about a bad meal, poor service or undesirable table, your restaurant needs to have a system in place to appease the customer, to help ensure their return. Small Success Yield Large Gains Many industry studies show repeat customers for restaurants account

Customer dissatisfaction may seem like a purely negative situation on the surface, but in reality, these customers can often turn into your greatest supporters if handled effectively. A good example of a loss-leader, your customer recovery team must not be afraid to go above and beyond to enthusiastically satisfy customers who have previously been disappointed

Although every business wants to avoid it, at some point, your customers may be disappointed in you.If a customer expresses their discontent with r your company— it’s a good thing. No, really. You now have the opportunity to turn the situation around rather than having them leave your establishment without ever returning. There are a

Today’s generation is a growing demographic. Many of your current customers likely use social media on a daily basis, and that number will only grow. Social platforms have become an easy and highly effective tool to gain feedback. Online platforms have rapidly grown in popularity and function; so leverage them to generate your feedback. Yes,

Building Customer Loyalty

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If your customers feel that your business takes good care of them, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. The term customer loyalty implies two related but distinct ideas. On one hand it could be understood as a tool to ensure repeat purchases from a single customer or more. However, the second

ServiceCheck Inc., the leading provider of Guest Recovery and Feedback solutions for the Restaurant Industry, today announced it will exhibit its guest recovery and feedback solutions at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, March 22-25, 2015 in Phoeniz, AZ. The Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) is an invitation-only event where the most progressive and influential individuals in the

Businesses are moths to the flame of social media glory. Companies are now drawn to the promise of social media, viral marketing, massive followings and inbound leads. Social media allows companies to be highly responsive and engaging with their customers.  But is it right for you? Consider the following benefits: Immediate satisfaction Personalized service High

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