Feedback Strategies to Further Your Business

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 by

Ever been to a restaurant where you ordered a steak that was so undercooked, you could still hear it moo? And when the waiter asks you, “Is the food ok?” you say, “Yes, its fine.” This is all too common in the world of customer feedback. Businesses don’t provide their customers with an opportunity to

Understanding what works for your company’s customer recovery program can feel like a moving target at times. There are always new technologies and strategies available that claim to help improve your customer experience. A great customer recovery program can have a huge impact on a company’s client retention and customer satisfaction, which leads to better

Customers find your products and services in a number of ways; this includes referrals, advertisements, organic search, and more. Though the means of acquiring new clients vary greatly, their reasons for purchasing from you do not. A recent study by The Society for New Community Research assessed why consumers make purchases. The top three reasons?

Though it may seem counterintuitive, hearing customer complaints is actually a good thing. It indicates that your customer feedback system is working, and gives you the opportunity to save the customer and correct systemic issues within your business. This can dramatically improve customer recovery, retention and overall satisfaction. Statistics show if you resolve a complaint

Customer recovery can prove a significant challenge for businesses in many sectors of the marketplace. In a world of ever-increasing competition and decreasing customer satisfaction rates, even retaining happy customers can be a challenge. But winning over an at-risk customer who might leave for a competitor is worth its weight in gold; in fact, a

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