The Omnichannel Customer Experience

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 by

Many people have written articles about customer service and the customer experience, but today companies must move their focus to an omnichannel customer service strategy. Companies have to make sure that they create a unified customer experience across all channels including web, mobile, digital, phone, email and social media Customers Demand Good Service Companies need

At ServiceCheck we’ve developed a wealth of customer service resources for a wide variety of different business types, customer types, and service and recovery situations. Though businesses experience many different customer service challenges depending upon the product or service they offer (and other factors), there are a number of crucial and fundamental service and recovery

Today’s generation is a growing demographic. Many of your current customers likely use social media on a daily basis, and that number will only grow. Social platforms have become an easy and highly effective tool to gain feedback. Online platforms have rapidly grown in popularity and function; so leverage them to generate your feedback. Yes,

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